Reference Books

Atlas of World Cultures. [REF G 1046 .E1 .P7 1989]

Dictionary of Anthropology. [REF GN 11 .D48 1986]

Dictionary of Concepts in Cultural Anthropology. [REF GN 307.W56 1991]

Encyclopedia of Cultlural Anthropology [REF GN 307 .E52 1996]

Encyclopedia of World Cultures [REF GN 307 .E53 1991]

Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Prehistory. [REF GN 281 .E531988]

Handbook of North American Indians. [REF E 77 .H25]This is a multi-volume set divided by geographic region.

International Dictionary of Anthropologists. [REF GN 20 .I51991]

Searching by Subject in Simon

Examples of main headings to use in a subject search of theonline catalog include:

Name of a people:


Topical heading:

Geographic heading:

Appropriate subheadings are

Periodical Indexes

Use a periodical index to search for articles by subject. Thereare three indexes that are appropriate for anthropology:

Social Sciences Index
The automated (CD ROM) version covers articles published from1983 to the present. The print version is located in the index area and covers 1974 to1990. It uses many of the same subject headings as the cardcatalog.

America: History and Life
We have only the print version of this. It is located in theindex area. It covers North American ethnology.

Anthropological Literature
Beginning in 1997, the Library will subscribe to this print version of thekey periodical index in the field of anthropology.

Anthropology Journals

Journals held by Le Moyne: