Le Moyne College Library Library Instruction Program Goals and ObjectivesGoalThe overall goal of the Library's instruction program is for ourstudents to acquire the cognitive skills they need to access,evaluate, and apply information from a variety of sources and ina variety of contexts. Objectives When they have completed their degree Le Moyne students willbe information literate. Information competency begins withrecognizing the need for information, analyzing its accuracy,biases, and currency, and extends to the ability to useinformation in critical thinking and problem solving. Students will ...1. Be aware that an information universe exists and that individuals and groups identify themselves by academic discipline.2. Recognize that disciplines use specific methods and sources to disseminate and retrieve scholarly information.3. Express a researchable topic and formulate a search strategy on that question in sources appropriate to the scope of the assignment.4. Understand the basic structure of information sources and can distinguish between types and forms of citations and that they can differ by discipline and be presented differently depending on source.5. Understand the different access points to information in bibliographic form (author, title, subject).6. Understand that some sources use controlled vocabulary and that some rely on keyword indexes and free-text searching.7. Recognize that there are a variety of access tools to identify information sources through access points and that these sources vary by discipline.8. Understand how to manipulate access points and judge when it is appropriate to use single access points or Boolean logic.9. Evaluate the citation retrieved and determine whether it is appropriate level of specificity and scholarship.10. Recognize the absence of recorded information sources on a specific topic, realize the implications, and recognize the alternatives.11. Understand that libraries group like information sources together and that classification schemes are designed to enable researchers to locate related information.12. Understand that librarians have varying degrees and areas of expertise, provide certain services, and can be helpful in assessing information.13. Be aware that the campus library is not the only location through which to retrieve information.